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The Shure PGADRUMKIT6 drum microphone kit is a 6 piece, professional quality microphone package designed for use with drums. The kit has been compiled to provide exceptional sound quality for close-mic kick drum, snare and tom recording. Included in this package is one PGA52 kick drum mic, two PGA56 drum microphones, one PGA57 instrument microphone and two PGA81 instrument microphones. It is completed with two drum mounts, six XLR-XLR cables and a durable carry case. The PGADRUMKIT6 package is ideal for recording drum kits on the fly, providing premium sound quality delivered by Shure's renowned microphones.

Shure's PG Alta Collection

Shure Microphones are renowned for their unparalleled sound quality and durability, and have solidified Shure's stellar reputation in the microphone and professional audio world. The PG Alta™ range features a sleek black metallic, classic microphone design and cardioid polar patterns to help minimise feedback and background noise. Also featured in the PGADRUMKIT6 package are 3 A25D break-resistant microphone clips, and 2 AP56DM break-resistant drum rim mounts, so your microphones can be reliably kept in place while you play. The PG Alta™ collection delivers durable, reliable and professional-grade microphones ideal for both performance and recording.

The PG Alta™ range is designed for close-mic situations. This technique captures the sound of each drum with clarity and precision, meaning you get accurate recordings. This would suit complex drumming patterns particularly effectively, but is also great for anyone who just wants an honest, punchy drum recording. It's also the most effective way to capture sound live, as the microphones won't pick up background noise with the drums directly in front of them.


  • Kick Drum Microphone: 1 x PGA52
  • Drum Microphone: 2 x PGA56
  • Instrument Microphone: 1 x PGA57
  • Instrument Microphone: 2 x PGA81
  • XLR-XLR Cables: 6
  • XLR-XLR Cable Length: 4.6 Metres
  • Microphone Clip: 3 x A25D
  • Drum Rim Mounts: 2 x AP56DM
  • Carrying Case: Yes

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