Fender has taken a giant leap into the world of amp modelling with its Tone Master combos. Although this might look like a traditional Deluxe Reverb amplifier, the Tone Master is actually completely valve-less! Instead, it relies on its massive digital processing power to convincingly emulate the tone and response of its tube-powered counterpart.

Huge Headroom, Lightweight Design
Featuring a powerful 100W solid-state power amp, the engulfing headroom that the valve-driven Deluxe Reverb is known for is faithfully recreated with incredible precision. And with the pronounced sparkle and clarity of a single Jensen N-12K neodymium speaker, fitted within a resonant pine cabinet – the result is tubeless Deluxe Reverb tone, volume and dynamics that are virtually indistinguishable from the all-tube original.

Even with all of these premium features, the Tone Master Deluxe Reverb weighs about only half as much as an all-tube Deluxe. So not only will the Tone Master’s valve-less design ensure better reliability, but its feather-light weight also makes it extremely portable for rehearsals and gigs!

Modern Features
The Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb’s front panel is practically identical to the tube version, giving Fender amp connoisseurs a familiar tone-tweaking experience. This includes Fender’s world-class reverb and tremolo effects, which are modelled with exceptional detail.

Additional rear-panel features deliver modern convenience and flexibility, including an output power selector for full power and five attenuated settings. This means that you can tailor the Tone Master’s output to suit the size of specific spaces – full power for live performances, and dialled down for home practice sessions.

A balanced XLR line output with impulse response (IR) cabinet simulations lets you record directly into a mixing desk or an audio interface with unbelievable results – no microphones required! You can also use this output to send a signal straight to a front-of-house PA system in a live scenario. The sound engineer will love you!

Other contemporary features include a mute switch for silent stage or recording use, as well as a USB port for future firmware upgrades.

Tone Master Firmware Updates
Fender’s new Tone Master ‘Blonde’ amps were introduced with fresh firmware updates improving their usability. The brand now offers these mods for the original Tone Masters as well, bringing them more up to scratch!

Tone Master Deluxe Reverb Firmware Page

As well as the Reverb Mod, this page also contains a firmware update that removes the “Virtual Bright Cap” on the Vibrato channel. This is a common mod that customers do on valve ’65 Deluxe amps, as it offers smoother treble response when using drive pedals.

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Fender Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb Electric Guitar Amp

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