Transistor amplifier quality
120 watts wide enough!
connectivity of a traditional bass amp high / low
special feature that allows you inclined to direct your sound as you want and especially use them as back, as I already do a live, it's useful!


Configuration with conventional equalizer, which allows her to adjust her really has his own way, although some prefer the "all set" is often because they know nothing, it's a shame ..
The sound is really more than OK, but from Laney I had no doubt!


I played it with a Squier Vintage Modified and it sounds correctly saw that the bass is not a "lightning war" but with better bass like a jaguar that Japan sent! In any case, no problem for a battery cover (with a nag with chopsticks) and big guitars stackées ..
We play rock and AC English is perfect for this type of sound because this is a very versatile amp (rock, pop) I think even he can claim to play in during the more typical funk amps (usually reserved for hartcke and al) and even metal if only one good use pedals.


Using almost 2 years and not much to complain about. Well of course there are a few here and there spitting on the buttons and a very slight hiss, but you do disappear without any problems playing on équalo
the +: not too heavy (transportable with its handle)
versatility of the
Use flexible
the -: ca is a transistor amp of course, but other than that I see very little negative about this amp .. compared to the price, I think it's one of the very best in its class, c 'Clearly
I tried the Hartke, Markbass, Marshall is the best that's clear!

The 120 watt RB5: Portable (top handle plus sprung side handles), Versatile (dual position 'kickback' style cabinet, switchable compressor and limiter, parametric EQ and presence control), and above all, Laney!. What more could you want?

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  • Brand: Laney
  • Product Code: RB5
  • Availability: Contact for availability
  • R3,970.00

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