The Dorado XE Cajon features a 4mm exotic Abachi hardwood faceplate that produces rich full bass tones while showcasing a beautiful figured wood grain finish. Featuring a traditional fixed face plate and removable patent Quick Wedge Snare system, the Dorado XE Cajon is constructed with high-quality natural Birch plywood and durable compression spring snares. The all-in-one Dorado XE Cajon touts resonant bass tones with optimal snare separation for the ideal quality Flamenco-style Cajon and can be transformed into a traditional Peruvian-style Cajon by utilizing the Quick Wedge snare system. This feature takes it back to the traditional Fixed faceplate construction that seals the drum and enables the bass tones to resonate naturally making the Dorado XE Cajon perfect for all musical and educational activities.

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REMO CJ-6220-00-XE001 CAJON

  • Brand: REMO
  • Product Code: CJ-6220-00-XE001
  • Availability: In Stock
  • R2,800.00

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