External Bass Drum Muffler with Hoop Clamp

The Dave Weckl-designed Remo Adjustable Bass Drum Dampener (HK-6500-00) is a refreshingly holistic approach to bass drum muffling. Clamp this finish-safe damper mechanism anywhere on your batter- or reso-side bass drum hoop, apply the soft felt pad to your head, and within seconds, you're well on your way to achieving the kick drum tone and energy your particular session demands. The HK-6500-00's damper pad slides in and out relative to the edge of the shell to permit greater or subtler degrees of muffling. And thanks to its locking pivot, this system is lightning-fast to apply and remove between songs. If you're looking for muffling alternative to felt strips and pillows, be sure to check out the Remo Adjustable Bass Drum Dampener through Sweetwater.

Remo HK-6500-00 Adjustable Bass Drum Dampener Features:

  • Designed by Remo and Dave Weckl
  • Adjust the tone, feel, output, and energy of your bass drum
  • Clamps safely to any size bass drum hoop
  • Soft felt pad adjusts up/down and in/out to achieve greater or lesser degrees of muffling
  • Apply to front head, resonant head, or both

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REMO HK-6500-00

  • Product Code: HK-6500-00
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  • R500.00

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