The Shure Microflex MX153 is a professional subminiature earset microphone ideal for speech and other applications requiring low-profile discreet placement where improved gain before over lavalier microphones is desired. With analog dual wireless transmission.

  • Compatible systems per frequency band (up to): 12
  • Selectable frequencies: Up to 150
  • Auto Setup Features: QuickScan : Finds group with most compatible frequencies and sets to best frequency
  • Audio Reference Companding: No
  • Included Antennas: BLX4, BLX88: Internal, BLX4R: Detachable
  • Antenna Options: No
  • Receiver Network Ability: No
  • PC Control: No
  • Rack Hardware: URT2 (not included), Rack mount brackets (only with rackable/BLX-R Sets)
  • Case: Included Only with BLX4 Sets
  • Transmitter Display: LED
  • Receiver Display: BLX4, BLX88: LED, BLX4R: High-resolution LCD screen
  • Battery, Endurance: 2AA, up to 14h
  • Environment: Daily Touring

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Shure blx 188E/mx53 dual wireless presnter microphones

  • Brand: Shure
  • Product Code: BLX188E/MX53
  • Availability: In Stock
  • R14,550.00

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