Yamaha MS-6314
14"x 12" Power-lite Marching Snare Drum


The Yamaha Power-Lite Marching Snare Drum Is Lightweight, And Offers Traditional Sound With Simple Operation.

The 8-Ply Mahogany And Beech Shell Provides Warmth With Punch, Along With Making It Lightweight. These Shells Are Manufactured Using The Exclusive Air-Seal System That Ensures The Shell Is In-Round, Providing A Pure Fundamental Tone.

The 1.6-Mm. Triple Flange Steel Rims Provide Tuning Flexibility. These Rims Also Enhance The Low-End Partials. Zinc Alloy Lug Casings With Reinforced Walls And Webbing Provide Superior Strength For High-Tension Tuning. A Traditional Strainer Throw-Off Provides Simple, One-Point Adjustment.

The 20-Strand, High-Carbon Steel Snare Wires Provide A Crisp Snare Response, Creating A Bright Sound.


  • Size: Ms-6314, 14″ × 12″
  • Shell: 8-Ply Mahogany And Beech
  • Rim: 1.6 Mm. Triple Flange Steel
  • Lugs: 8 High-Tension, Zinc Alloy
  • Strainer: Traditional Throw-Off With Tension Adjustment, Fixed Butt Side, And 20-Strand High-Carbon Steel Wires.
  • Color: White Wrapped Finish.
  • Nylon And Steel Washers: Nylon And Steel Washers Are Used On The Tension Rods.
  • Feet: Three Protective Feet.
  • Carrier Clip: Et Carrier Clip Pre-Mounted On Snare Drum.

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Yamaha MS-6314 14"x 12" Power-lite Marching Snare Drum

  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Product Code: MS6314
  • Availability: In Stock
  • R9,270.00

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