• Presonus PD-70 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

PreSonus PD-70
The Presonus PD-70 is a dynamic microphone purpose-built for voice-over in the arenas of podcasting, broadcasting, and live-streaming. With its end-address design and clear and focused audio capture, the mic not only sounds the part—it looks the part, too.

The microphone offers a cardioid polar pattern, which is the best natural defense against unwanted room reflections: this polar pattern focuses audio capture on what ever is in front of the capsule and minimizes sound coming from the rear of the mic. The mic offers a integrated hardmount for setting it up right out of the box with any boom arm or mic stand. It also provides a built-in windscreen. Use it with any audio interface.

What's in the box
• PreSonus PD-70 Dynamic Cardioid Broadcast Microphone

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Presonus PD-70 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

  • Brand: Presonus
  • Product Code: PRE015
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