Jinbao JBBR-1220L Baritone (Piston) Baritone Pistons Pistons

Keyboard: 13.4 mm flange / air hose / 230 mm speaker mouth. Yellow Brass / Tuning Pipe: Yellow Brass / Piston: Nickel Plated Nickel (Nickel and Nickel Alloy) / Lead pipe: Yellow Brass / Coating: Nickel (JBBR-1220L)

The Key: the Bb 
Bore by: 13.4mm 
this Bell: 230mm Thailand Online Yellow Brass 
TUNING Pipe: Thailand Online Yellow Brass 
, Piston: cupronickel 
Leadpipe: Thailand Online Yellow Brass 
the Finish: Lacquer 
Plating Silver plated speaker (JBBR-1220S) 
Nickel Contact plated speaker (JBBR-1220L)
Used Case: the ABS (CA31).

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Jinbao JBBR-1220L Baritone Horn

  • Brand: Jinbao
  • Product Code: JBBR1220L
  • Availability: In Stock
  • R7,700.00

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