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A1 Sound has been in existence and having the same vision we had 20 years ago till today and that is to bring and sustain the love, passion, excitement and awesomeness of sound to our valued customers.

Now the largest and most successful retail sound store in Africa boasting a four storey building of 3200 square metres of floor space, we pride ourselves in the service we render to our clients. Our staff compliment is of about 30 dedicated and experienced members who are trained to advise and offer  you the most appropriate equipment best suited to your needs and budget.

Our store caters for students to intermediate to pro musicians,  DJs, places of worship and the public itself. We carry the widest range of PA systems, sound equipment,  lighting and studio gear bearing in mind all the top brands available. We are proud to say that over the years we have attracted people from diverse cultures and races all across Africa.

All the products we sell are backed by our manufacturer’s warranties. We also offer an in house service and repair facility, living up to our service excellence and the after-sales service you deserve.

We are situated in the heart of the Johannesburg CBD at 148 Main and corner Delvers street, Marshall Town (Between Carlton Centre and ABSA Towers).


A1 Sound  “ YOUR PROFESSIONAL  SOUND SHOP “ looks forward to welcoming and being of service to YOU our valued customer with the right product at the right price.



A1Sound: 011 331 2177 E-mail: info@a1sound.co.za

Fayzal: 084 031 8882 E-mail: fayzal@a1sound.co.za

Soyab: 083 377 7505 E-mail: soyab@a1sound.co.za

Irfan: 062 3780 508 E-mail: irfan@a1sound.co.za

Prosper: 078 001 0277 E-mail: prosper@a1sound.co.za

Kikito: 084 846 2050 E-mail: kikito@a1sound.co.za

Suhel: 078 450 6650 E-mail: suhel@a1sound.co.za

Mubarak: 074 783 549  E-mail: mubarak@a1sound.co.za

Gyas: 076 716 4838 E-mail: gyas@a1sound.co.za

Trevor Ngorima: 076 051 3870 E-mail: info@a1sound.co.za

Trevor B: 074 498 6151 E-mail: trevor@a1sound.co.za

Zaid: 083 692 5315 E-mail: zaid@a1sound.co.za

Raymond: 076 101 4599 E-mail: raymond@a1sound.co.za

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