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Lapel Microphones

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AKG CK99L Condenser Lavalier Microphone

The CK99 L is a condenser lavalier microphone with cardioid polar pattern. It provides a natural sound, with a slight rise above 10 kHz for added clarity, perfect for applications in houses of worship, lectures and theaters. Thanks to its small housing, it can be inconspicuously and securely mounted on jackets and costumes. The CK99 L provides a professional three-pin mini XLR connector that fits ..



WMS420 Presenter Set is a professional multi-channel wireless microphone system. It includes the HT420 analog high-performance wireless handheld transmitter features a dynamic microphone capsule for demanding vocal performances, the PT420 wireless bodypack transmitter, the SR420 wireless stationary receiver and a Clip-on microphone C417 L. Carrier frequency range530.025 - 931.850 MHz ModulationFM ..


Audio-technica pro 70 cardioid xlr lavalier

This miniature condenser microphone achieves full-sounding pickup and is known for outstanding consistency and dependable performance. Supplied with both a clothing clip and guitar mount, it provides natural and articulate vocal reproduction when used as a clip-on lavalier and excels in pickup of acoustic guitar. The PRO 70 is designed to make music and speech clearly and comfortably audible, yet ..


Hybrid G-SV Lapel Wireless Microphone System

Lapel 2.4GHz Wireless MicrophoneLapel 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone16 User Selectable Groups / ChannelsLCD Display and Menu SettingsBalanced Line XLR Output1/4″ Jack Output30 TO 40 Meter CoverageNo RF NoiseMetal Receiver Housing..



Line 6 XD-V35L Digital Wireless Lavalier Microphone System at a Glance:"Wired sound" with hands-free convenienceEasy, one-step setupWorry- and license-free 2.4GHz broadcast"Wired sound" with hands-free convenienceThe Line 6 XD-V35L digital wireless lavalier microphone system provides such a clear, robust signal that it competes favorably with virtually any traditional wired-mic setup. Whether you'..


Rode Lavalier - Lapel Microphone

The RØDE Lavalier is a discreet lapel microphone that provides broadcast-quality audio when close-miked in almost any scenario.The Lavalier's low self-noise, user friendly omni-directional polar pattern and minimal appearance make it an ideal solution for film, television, video, theatre, house of worship and anywhere where a high quality microphone needs to be heard but not seen.The microphone ca..



The RØDE NT6 is an extremely compact 1/2" cardioid condenser microphone, specifically designed for difficult mounting applications where the highest quality audio is required.Although clearly relevant to instrument miking, the NT6 is extremely well suited to any situation where an unobtrusive but powerful microphone is required such as location recording.The microphone is split into two modular co..


Samson Concert 88 LM5 – Wireless UHF Lapel Mic

System offers a high performance UHF wireless solution where the freedom of mobility is a must. It’s perfect for business professionals, educators and others looking for stunning sound and versatility without cables.The frequency-agile Concert 88 system allows for up to 8 systems to operate simultaneously across two frequency bands with up to 300 feet separating the receiver and transmitter. At th..



Samson's Concert 99 Presentation combines 80 channels of high-definition audio and extreme reliability into a rugged all-metal, rack-mountable chassis with a stage-ready backlit display. With simple 1-touch setup, convenient monitoring, a 300' UHF operating range and impressive transmitter battery life, this frequency-agile system offers unprecedented value to presenters, educators and others in s..


Samson XPD2 LM8 Lavalier USB Digital Wireless Mic System

XPD2-BLM8 - Bring a wireless microphone to a variety of sound applicationsOffering simple setup, professional full-range audio and 100' of wireless operation, the XPD2 Lavalier is perfect for live performances, digital communications and mobile productions.For Broadcasting and Presentations2.4 GHz FrequencyPlug-and-Play for Mac and WindowsWorks with iPad and Android Devices More Details:Overv..


Sennheiser EW 100 G4-ME2 wireless system for presenters

The perfect choice for moderators or presenters. Includes bodypack transmitter and clip-on omni-directional mic for hands-free operation on any stage.Engineered for professional live sound: Rugged all-in-one wireless system for presenters and moderators.Robust bodypack transmitter and unobstrusive clip-on microphone ME 2-II (omni-directional) or ME 4 (cardioid) with high speech intelligibility for..


Sennheiser EW 100 G4-ME3-D Wireless head mic set

Rugged all-in-one wireless system for singers and presenters || Transmission range: up to 100 meters/ 300 feet || Easy and flexible wireless synchronization between transmitter and receiver via infrared || State-of-the-art live sound on a lightweight aluminum transmitter with integrated mute switch || Up to 20 compatible channel..


Sennheiser EW 300 G4-ME2-RC Wireless Lavalier Mic Set

Wireless lavalier micropone set consisting of 1 SK 300 G4 RC wireless bodypack transmitter, 1 ME 2-II Lavalier, 1 em 300-500 G4 rackmount receiver, and 1 GA3 rack kit.For Presenters and EducatorsME 2-II Omnidirectional Lav MicRemote-Ready Bodypack TransmitterTrue-Diversity Rackmount ReceiverEasy to use, fast setup timeIntegrated network port allows control, monitoring and setup via Sennheiser Cont..


Sennheiser EW 500 G4-MKE2 Wireless Lavalier Mic Set

Rugged all-in-one wireless system for broadcasters and presenters. Set consists of 1 SK 500 G4 bodypack, 1 MKE 2 Gold Lavalier mic, 1 EM 300-500 rackmount receiver and 1 GA3 rack kit.For Presenters and PerformersMKE 2 Miniature Omnidirectional Lav MicLightweight Bodypack TransmitterTrue-Diversity Rackmount Receiver Features:Overview:The pro‘s choice. Renowned sound engineers rely on ew 500 G4..


Sennheiser FreePort Lavalier Wireless System

An affordable presentation system that offers clarity and mobility.The FreePort System ensures maximum clarity of speech during lectures, presentations and theater performances. The system includes a bodypack transmitter, a diversity receiver and an inconspicuous clip-on microphone with an omnidirectional pick-up pattern.Consumer Alert:Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless micr..


Sennheiser MKE 2-P-C -Black, Omni-directional clip-on microphone, XLR 3 Male

Contents of the user manual for the Sennheiser MKE-2-PC Omnidirectional Lavalier Mic withProduct category: Lavalier Microphones SennheiserBrand: SennheiserDescription and content of packageTechnical information and basic settingsFrequently asked questions – FAQTroubleshooting (does not switch on, does not respond, error message, what do I do if...)Authorized service for Sennheiser Lavalier Microph..


Sennheiser MKE2-5-G GOLD-C -Black, Omni-directional clip-on mic, open-ended

Sennheiser Gold Series MKE 2 Omnidirectional Lavalier Clip-on Microphone with 3-Pin Lemo Plug for SK50/250/3063, 50 Ohms Output Impedance, Beige | Please Email for for Specifications..


Sennheiser XSW 1-ME2 Lapel System

XSW 1-ME2Inspire your audience. Easy to use all-in-one wireless system for public speakers and presenters.Choose product variantPro Talk Video SeriesPro Talk Video SeriesWorld-renowned Sound Engineers sharing tips, tricks and stories. Subscribe and do not miss any episode of our Pro Talk Video Series on YouTube! moreOverviewInspire your audience. Go for XS WIRLESS 1 and rely on a so..


Shure blx14E/cvl wireless Lapel microphone.

Full sound with good feedback rejection.The great downsides of lavalier wireless systems are thin sound, feedback and high prices. All three pitfalls are addressed and mitigated with the BLX14/CVL system from Shure. This outfit includes the BLX4 half-rack wireless receiver, the BLX1 bodpack transmitter and the CVL lavalier microphone.The BLX4 is a single channel wireless receiver with microprocess..


Shure blx188E/cvl Dual lavalier Wireless microphones System

For two presenters on a single stage.Many lavalier applications require two presenters, either one expert and one color commentator, or two subject matter experts having a broadcast conversation. The Shure BLX188/CVL system is perfect for those applications. Included in this package is the BLX88 dual channel receiver, two BLX1 Bodypack transmitters and two CVL lavalier microphones.BLX88The durable..


Shure BLX188E/WL185 Dual Lavalier wireless systems microphones

Product DescriptionThe WL185 premium cardioid lavalier microphone brings a new level of sophistication to personal voice reproduction. Like all Microflex family microphones, this lavalier uses an interchangeable condenser cartridge, meaning there will always be a lavalier to suit your application. The SM58 is the industry standard microphone tailored to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction.wi..


shure mvl mobile lavalier microphone

Portable Shure Lav Mic for iOS and AndroidIt's easy to record clear audio to your iOS or Android devices with the Shure MVL omnidirectional condenser lavalier microphone. Just plug the MVL into the headphone jack of any smartphone or tablet computer with recording capabilities, clip it onto the speaker's shirt or tie, open your preferred recording app, and you're ready to capture detailed voice re..


Shure QLDX14/150/C Wireless Lavalier Mic System

QLXD14E/150/C -  Digital Wireless Receiver with MX150 Subminiature Lavalier MicrophoneFor Mid-Sized Venues & Conference RoomsSingle-Channel, 1/2 RackspaceSwitching-Diversity Reception2560 Auto-Scan FrequencieOmnidirectional Polar PatternFor Compatible Wireless TransmittersBroadcast Quality SoundKevlar Reinforced Cable QLXD4 Digital Wireless ReceiverAutomatic Channel Scan quickly..


Shure QLDX14/85 Wireless Lavalier Mic System

QLXD14E/85 -  Digital Wireless Receiver with WL185 Lavalier Microphone Featuring the WL185 lavalier microphone, QLXD14/85 combines professional features with simplified setup and operationFor Presenters and BroadcastersWL185 Cardioid Lavalier MicRugged Bodypack TransmitterSwitching-Diversity Rackmount Receiver More Details:Overview:The Shure QLXD14/85 rackmo..


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