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Electric Guitar Amps

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Ibanez electronic ptgate

The Pentatone Gate is a standalone version of the GATE section in the Ibanez Pentatone Preamp. This gate achieves a quick response and natural sustain and has an added threshold mode switch which allows you to adjust the threshold in the appropriate range.Furthermore, thanks to the 4 I/O jacks, the gate circuitry can work at a proper location, such as right after distortion pedals or in between th..


Ibanez electronic ts80845th

The TS808 has made its way onto the pedal boards of countless musicians and guitar lovers since its debut in 1979. 2024 marks its 45th anniversary and in celebration, Ibanez is releasing a limited edition TS808 featuring a special sapphire blue housing.Specifications:•Limited production•45th-anniversary sapphire blue housing•Overdrive, Tone, and Level controls•Power supply: One 9 Volt battery or E..


Ibanez electronic twp10

Twin Peaks is a new wah-wah pedal from Ibanez unlike any other before it. Most conventional wah-wah pedals utilize a single peak point to achieve the effect, but Twin Peaks doubles down on this sound by utilizing dual peak points at a higher and lower frequency. This is achieved through the use of dual inductor circuitry. Additionally, the mix of the two frequency peaks can be controlled via a bal..


Ibanez electronics pteq

                      DISCRIPTION                                                                                        &nbs..


Yamaha THR5 Portable 10W Guitar Amp w/ FX & Interface

Yamaha THR5 Overview Conventional amplifiers perform on stage. But how to they perform everywhere else? The most Amps are not more than shrunken clones of the stage version. But the style of how they perform at home is not a shrunken clone of how they perform on stage. So how is an amplifier which has been conceptualized for the stage supposed to give you what you need in your living or bedro..


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