Hybrid A series amplifiers have been designed for the professional marker. Key features such as precise and comprehensive protection system, high reliability and excellent sound dynamics come standard with this range. Hybrid A series amplifiers are available in six power ratings to meet a wide range of applications

- LCD Front panel display

- 3d Front panel design

- LRSTM Short circuit protection

- LXTM Input overload protection

- Inrush current protection

- DC Protection

- Soft Start

- Thermal protection

550W per Channel into 8 Ohms Stereo

820W per Channel into 4 Ohms Stereo

1100W per Channel into 2 Ohms Stereo

Dimensions - 88 x 482 x 437mm

Weight - 20 Kgs

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Hybrid A2400 Power Amplifier

  • Brand: Hybrid
  • Product Code: HBA2400
  • Availability: In Stock
  • R8,400.00

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