UHF Dual channel digital wireless microphone 

The IU-2078 is for a new generation of Dual Channel digital wireless microphone, introduce in digital modulation and high performance audio ADC and DAC, with a low delay of the audio encoder to achieve a high fidelity audio transmission. Simple operation by infrared frequency synchronization, which can cover the frequency range UHF 500-980MHz (depend on the region), stable circuit characteristic, and audio carrier signal transmission is stable with visible range over 60 meters , encrypted transmission and decoding circuit avoid any interference fro outside. Highly cost-effective products provide more options in the field of wireless system. 


1 ﹑ Using UHF band, PLL phase lock circuit, stable characteristics, low harmonic radiation.

2 ﹑ Digital modulation, 32 bit encryption

3 ﹑ Equipped with Antenna diversity technology

4 ﹑ Preset 2X200 selectable frequency

5 ﹑ Maximum transmission power 13dBm

6 ﹑ Maximum audio input 2Vpp, Maximum audio output 1Vpp

7 ﹑ Dual antenna diversity circuit

8﹑  8-band equalizer processor

9﹑  Anti-Squeal noise circuit

10﹑ Low latency digital audio circuits (less than 3MS)

11﹑ Audio AGC limiting processing circuit. 

12﹑ With a flat frequency response of 40Hz-18KHz response range.

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ICM IU-2078 dual wireless microphone

  • Brand: ICM
  • Product Code: IU2078
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  • R1,100.00

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