Searching for an easy way to increase the monitoring capacity of your studio? Look no further than the Mackie HM-800. This 8-channel headphone amplifier boasts two outputs per channel for a total of 16 headphone outputs. Eight independent aux inputs supply up to eight individual stereo mixes. You also get Input Select and Stereo/Mono switches, along with 7-segment LED meters, on each channel. Premium analog circuitry ensures super-high headroom and a low noise floor, while a heavy-gauge steel chassis and long-wear potentiometers and switches provide extreme durability. The HM-800 delivers high-performance headphone amplification that’s sure to become an invaluable asset in your studio.

Premium analog circuitry delivers top-notch sound

No matter what you’re recording, the HM-800 will deliver studio-quality sound. Premium analog circuitry ensures maximum headroom and low noise. We’re impressed by just how great this headphone amplifier sounds — especially at this price.

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Mackie HM-800 8-channel Headphone Amplifier

  • Brand: Mackie
  • Product Code: HM800
  • Availability: Contact for availability
  • R4,380.00

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