Tama Starclassic Performer MBSS65-DCF Dark Cherry Fade 14" x 6,5" Snare Drum · Snare drum

By using bubinga wood on the inside of the Birch shell TAMA has opened a new chapter in the Starclassic Performer series.

The mixture of birch and bubinga has created a new sound, which combines the hard attack of birch wood and the beautiful deep harmonies of bubinga.

Star-Cast Mounting System

The Star-Cast has always cared for optimum resonance and stability for TAMA's robust high-end drum kits. The new streamlined design, the tom toms more closely set together and make for a completely dynamic feel. In addition, the new star-cast mounting system is manufactured from aluminum, which has the consequence that the suspension is not as massive and stiff and thus the boiler still can swing better.

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Ta.ma 14" Snare Drum Starclassic Performer, Dark Cherry Fade MBSS65-DCF

  • Brand: Tama
  • Product Code: MBSS65-DCF
  • Availability: In Stock
  • R4,480.00

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