High end Heimkino Subwoofer:
Ein Xmax von 36mm (Peak to Peak)!!
MODEL:  SW 10.8 PM
Fs  29.30 Hz 
Re  6.10 Ω    
Sd  346.3606 cm²
Qms 1.73      
Qes 0.48      
Qts 0.37
Cms 0.2208 mm/N  
Mms 133.6889 g     
Rms 14.26 Ωm
Bl   17.73 N/A   
dBspl 84.92      
VAS  36.9793 L
Zmin   7.20 Ω   
L1kHz  1.00 mH      
L10kHz 0.53 mH

The 101FHW is a high efficiency, (86dB 1watt / 1 meter) 10-inch woofer speaker with extended low frequency response and high power handling capability. The 101FHW uses a strong glass fiber reinforced paper cone assembly along with a single roll rubber surround. Spider is Nomex material with stitched-in tinsel wires. This ensures long lasting performance even in high powered applications. The chosen material combination provides remarkable strength, high efficiency and  sustained output under extreme conditions.


The 101FHW cone and dust cap are made using glass fiber loaded paper pulp. All “soft” parts are bonded together using state of the art high temperature adhesives. Metal parts in the speaker assembly are coated for extreme weatherization protection. Speaker push terminals are gold plated to ensure the best Connection.


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Redcatt 10find loose speaker

  • Brand: Redcatt
  • Product Code: 10FIND
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  • R1,870.00

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