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The sE Electronics SPACE mic isolation filter gives you incredible acoustic control, allowing you to minimize sonic reflections in your mic for cleaner, more distinct recordings. Based on their acclaimed Reflexion Filter, SPACE features 10 layers of different materials designed to absorb sound that would normally reflect back into your microphone. The result is tighter bass, more detailed mids, natural highs, and an all around better sound. No matter where or what you're recording, you'll capture a better sound with the sE Electronics SPACE acoustic filter on your mic stand.

sE Electronics SPACE Acoustic Isolation Filter at a Glance:

  • You'll spend less time mixing when you get a better sound at the source
  • Better sound thanks to sE's Multi-Layer Air-Gap technology
  • Flexible mounting hardware is easy to position

You'll spend less time mixing when you get a better sound at the source

Recording engineers at Sweetwater know that it's best to get your sounds right at the source, and that's why we love studio tools like the sE Electronics SPACE acoustic filter. By capturing tighter, cleaner audio you'll spend less time problem solving during mixdown. Instead of trying to reduce room rumble, or trying to add definition to a blurry recording, you'll spend your mix time sweetening audio instead of trying to "fix it in the mix". From voiceovers and foley recording to standard music production, anyone who records audio can benefit from the acoustic isolation offered by the sE Electronics SPACE acoustic filter.

Better sound thanks to sE's Multi-Layer Air-Gap technology

SPACE is sE's thickest acoustic filter to date, with 10 full layers of various materials to absorb and diffuse as much sound as possible. Materials include a punched aluminum diffusor, wool absorbers, tensioned aluminum foil membranes, polyester acoustic fiberboard, and a polycarbonate diffusor, all separated and isolated by asymmetric air gaps. Even if you're recording in a highly reflective room, SPACE gives you the acoustic isolation you need in a convenient design.

Flexible mounting hardware is easy to position

SPACE is easy to attach to any standard microphone stand, and its flexible positioning makes it perfect for almost any recording application. It's adjustable both vertically and horizontally, with rugged hardware that holds on tight. Adjustable tilt lets you achieve the perfect angle for recording percussion, guitar amplifiers, piano, and other applications.

sE Electronics SPACE Acoustic Isolation Filter Features:

  • Acoustic filter for reducing unwanted reflections in your microphone
  • Exceptional acoustic control from 10 thick layers of various materials
  • Rugged mounting clamp is adjustable to help you get the perfect angle with your microphone
  • Improves bass clarity, midrange detail, high-frequency clarity, and stereo imaging
  • Perfect for voiceover, foley, and music production

Tech Specs

Treatment TypeAbsorption and Diffusion
Number of Panels1
Coverage15.75" W x 13" H x 7.75" D
Manufacturer Part NumberSPACE

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Se electronics space reflection filter

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