Studio-Quality Live Vocal Microphone!

Following in the footsteps of the SM58 and SM57, the SM86 has everything the SM line of Shure microphones has stood for all these years - durability, quality performance, and reliability. The difference is that this new SM handheld microphone brings with it a remarkable sound quality that only a condenser mic can deliver!

Shure SM86 Condenser Microphone at a Glance:

  • Extremely rugged condenser mic for studio quality onstage
  • Tailored frequency response optimized for vocals
  • Internal shock mount and pop filter reduce handling noise

Extremely rugged condenser mic for studio quality onstage
If you've spent any time in a recording studio you've probably experienced the benefits of a good condenser mic: great transients, balanced frequency response and wide dynamic range. The Shure SM86 packs those qualities into a rugged steel case to give you condenser quality in a handheld stage mic. The phantom-powered SM86 operates on voltages ranging from 11 to 52 volts DC so it can be used even with inexpensive mixers. It also works well in studio environments, which makes it a comfortable choice for vocalists who both perform live and record.

Tailored frequency response optimized for vocals
The SM86 makes a great vocal mic. Its frequency response of 50Hz - 18kHz includes a presence peak in the 2-5kHz range that ensures clarity and projection for all vocal ranges. Plus, the SM86 works well with vocalists who like to work both close to the mic and up to 18 inches away, delivering a robust sound and bass response that smoothly moves from enhanced and powerful up close to smooth and even farther away.

Internal shock mount and pop filter reduce handling noise
The unidirectional (cardioid) pickup pattern of the SM86 means it admirably rejects off-axis noise, reducing bleed from other onstage sound sources. Shure designed it with a built-in three-point shock mount that minimizes handling noise, and a two-stage pop filter to reduce wind and breath "pop" noise. The SM86 is an excellent selection for use with both stage monitors and personal in-ear monitors.

Shure SM86 Condenser Microphone Features:

  • Condenser cartridge for studio quality sound
  • Tailored frequency response for a clear reproduction of vocals
  • Rugged construction withstands the rigors of touring sound
  • Cardioid polar pattern minimizes unwanted background noise
  • Excellent choice for stage monitors and personal in-ear monitors
  • Built-in three-point shock mount minimizes handling noise
  • Two-stage "pop" filter reduces wind and breath noise
  • Includes vinyl storage pouch and clip
  • Requires +48V phantom power

Tech Specs

Microphone TypeCondenser
Polar PatternCardioid
Frequency Response50Hz-18kHz
Max SPL147dB
Output Impedance150 ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio71dB
Self Noise23dB
ColorDark Grey
Weight0.61 lbs.
Included AccessoriesStand Clamp, Microphone Pouch
Manufacturer Part Number


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shure sm86 handheld condenser microphone

  • Brand: Shure
  • Product Code: SM86
  • Availability: Contact for availability
  • R2,780.00

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