5-piece poplar drum kit including hardware & Cymbals, perfect for rehearsals or gigs with small stages.

  • 5-Piece Shell Pack
  • Smaller Shells Designed to Fit Tighter Spaces
  • Includes Cymals, Throne & Hardware


Ingeniously designed compact and portable size that's perfect for working drummers who find themselves on stages. Originally designed for just one performer, or rehearsals; or for young students who deserve a real set to learn on. Before Stagestar, small sets were either really toys or really expensive, Now Tama offers a real alternative.

More Details:

With over 40 years of experience, Tama knows what drummers really want. Which is why Tama has the set you need, want and can afford no matter how long you've been playing drums or what budget you have to work with. Now Tama has launched the affordable kit to ever incorporate many nice features – Stagestar. The new Stagestar kit comes with Omni-Ball tom holder as well as double braced hardware for increased stability.

In drum kits, sometimes smaller is better.

Tama Stagestar drums have the same quality, durability, and sound of their famous Swingstar drums in an ingeniously designed compact and portable size that's perfect for gigs with small stages or rehearsals; compact, portable, designed to fit in tighter spaces and great for a club that wants quiet dynamics or where drums are miked. Working drummers who find themselves on stages originally designed for just one performer will find the Stagestar size a real plus. Young students who deserve a real set to learn on will surely appreciate it.

For premium tone, the smaller-than-usual shells are crafted of 8-ply, 9mm Philippine Mahogany and lend themselves to the with the wide tuning range that pros demand. Stagestar has a unique sound from a small kit with big kit sound and feel.

All Poplar Shells: The full warm tone and medium attack offered by poplar wood has made it a
mainstay of drum shell manufacturing for more than 50 years

Omnisphere Tom Holder: The Stagestar’s Omni-ball system double tom holder allows you to achieve almost any angle by simply loosening one T-bolt.

Brass Cymbal Set: Included with the Stagestar are a set of brass cymbals containing 14” Hi-hats, 16” Crash & 18” Crash Ride

Drum Pedal: Drum pedal features double chain drive cam and beater angle adjustment.

Drum Throne: Heavy-duty double braced drum throne has threaded rod adjustment, which
allows you to achieve any height simply rotating its seat.


16"x22" Bass Drum1
7"x10" Tom Tom1
8"x12" Tom Tom1
15"x16" Floor Tom1
5.5"x14" Snare Drum1
Double Tom Holder1
Drum Pedal1
Snare Stand1
Boom Cymbal Stand1
Straight Cymbal Stand1
Hi-Hat Stand1
Drum Throne1
FinishesBlack (SG52KH6C-BK)
Charcoal Silver (SG52KH6C-CSV)
Dark Blue (SG52KH6C-DB)
Hairline Blue (SG52KH6C-HLB)
Wine Red (SG52KH6C-WR)

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Tama Stagestar 5pc Drum Kit w/ Hardware & Cymbal

  • Brand: Tama
  • Product Code: SG52-
  • Availability: In Stock
  • R15,200.00

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