Low frequencies usually go everywhere.

Alot of output energy can end up in places where the audience do not benefit from it. Having great low frequencies behind the stage is a waste of power and energy.

It’s for this reason the new WLA-218BX can be easily deployed in an Inverted Stack Gradient Array (iSGA) configuration.

WLA-218BX uses the acclaimed Reason-X 18” subwoofer drivers. With 4.0” voice coils and an impedance boost around 35 Hz, these efficient drivers simply deliver extreme bass.
And, when used in the iSGA configuration, they deliver that bass directly into the face of the audience.


∮102.6 diameter voice coil.
Thats OVER 4.0″ but we say 4.0″ because of number rounding
Double-layer spider bonding.
Updated glue is used. This bonding can eliminate brittle cracking and reduces harmonic distortion.
112 g Membrane.
The WLA-218BX driver has a heavier membrane which can withstand more power without breaking.

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Wharfedale Pro WLA 218BX

  • Brand: Wharfedale
  • Product Code: WLA218BX
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  • R16,800.00

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