Since their introduction in 1995, the Stage Custom Drum sets from Yamaha have set the standard in their price-class. Even in 2014, an updated version of the popular Stage Custom Birch drum sets causes the pulse and above all the blood pressure of drummer's to rise.

Warm wood instead of cold metal

The most important improvement concerns the snare drum of the Stage Custom Birch. Instead of a metal shell, the snare drum now features a shell made of wood. This delivers a warm and very powerful sound, perfectly integrating itself with the sound of the Stage Custom Birch series. With its 10 lugs per side, the Stage Custom snare drum can be easily and reliably tuned.

Lugs and bass drum claws of the Stage Custom Birch series have also experienced an upgrade, and are now equipped with rubber gaskets. This protects the wood of the shell as well as improving the resonating characteristics. The bass drum legs of the Stage Custom Birch drums feature stoppers to aid setup.

Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System Y.E.S.S.

The TomToms of the Stage Custom drums are mounted with the popular Y.E.S.S. suspension, which guarantees unrestricted resonating characteristics of the birch shells through minimal contact.

Included: 22"x17" BassDrum, 10"x7" + 12"x8" TomTom, 16"x15" FloorTom, 14"x5.5" SnareDrum, Hardware

YAMAHA Stage Custom Birch SBP0F5 Features: Remo heads Y.E.S.S. Tom mount Absolute Lugs Cast-BassDrum-Claws Wooden snare drum Pictured is a set example! Cymbals are not included!

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Yamaha SBP2F5 Stage Custom Drum sets

  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Product Code: SBP2F5-
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  • R35,650.00

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